19180 - Dab Ninja - 10mm Female Reactor Core Quartz Banger

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These new Reactor Quartz Bangers are very impressive On the bottom of the dish, there's a small solid quartz core that holds heat longer than any other part of the nail. This is convenient because your essential oils will be in contact with the quartz core the most.


Pure Quartz is in high demand for the clean, flavorful taste it provides when used with your favorite waxes, oils and concentrates. The Dab Ninja Quartz Nails are made of high quality quartz to provide tasty vapor. Add one of these nails to your dab rig to increase durability and functionality. The longevity of your dab rig will increase while creating a better dabbing experience by upgrading your nail. The low profile look of the banger is tantalizing and pairs up nicely with high-end glass. This new take on the traditional quartz banger is here to stay.

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