18950 - Errl Gear - Ceramic Universal 2 piece, 14/19mm

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Quick Overview

Ceramic is considered one of the healthiest and most flavorful ways to vaporize. It is remarkable for retaining heat, so it’s possible to take more than one dab from just heating it once!


A ceramic nail that can fit 10mm joint size and both gender. A universal ceramic nail means that this can fit on 14 and 19mm male OR female joints. It is made from high-grade ceramic, which ensures a healthier and more flavorful concentrate experience. Grab one of these nails today and whiten up your collection.

Errl Gear is your one-stop shop for dabbing and concentrate accessories. You'll find e-nails, the highest quality T2 grade titanium domeless nails, quartz homeless nails, quartz side bangers and ceramic domeless nails in many varieties. Also check out the glass adapters for rigs and water pipes such as drop downs, male and female adapters in all sizes, our non-stick products section and other fun stuff for your dabbing pleasures.

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