18706 - Silicone Waterpipes- Large Assorted Marble Waterpipes

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These flexible, nearly indestructible pipes are durable enough to withstand being bent, dropped, or shoved into a suitcase for an impromptu camping trip. Featuring a four piece design, the only glass you’ll find is the bowl and downstem. You can take this piece apart for easy cleaning, and the top piece has holes in it that act as an ice pinch. Add that to the fact that you can toss this piece in the freezer, and you’ll be pulling massive cool clouds all day long. Don’t miss out!


Being virtually indestructible, silicone pipes are perfect for camping, festivals, around the pool, boating, kayaking, hiking, you name it. They are also the perfect pipe to whip out at home when that clumsy friend comes over. Using BPA free, non-toxic, food grade silicone, these pipes smoke as well as glass pipes of the same design. You won’t even notice the difference. Until you drop it, of course. We want to make sure everything your herb comes in contact with is clean, safe, and environmentally friendly. Silicone is all that and more! From unbreakable pipes, to sanitary mouthpieces, to rolling trays, to convenient non-stick concentrate containers, when it comes to silicone, Glow has you covered. Silicone Water Bongs-Version Two Height: 350mm/ 13.75" Bottom diameter: 114.5mm/4.5" Includes: Downstem and Glass Bowl

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